Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Here is my story, the condensed version, and trust me I am leaving a lot out. Lets go back about 11 years ago. My brother was married to a rather difficult woman. But if I only new what was in store for the future I would of done anything to keep her around. They had two children, a daughter and a son, whom I love dearly. They were married about 17 years.
Enter the reason for this blog. A very fat, ugly, bossy women that I now have to call my sister-in-law. My brother, whom Ill call Tom was a lineman, he started regularly attending union meetings, and drinking . His wife did not drink or go with him. This woman, who Ill call Tori, who worked in the little on site trailer doing paper work and etc for the company, not to mention sleeping with half the men at the company attended these meetings also. She was and is a drinker. So one thing led to another and Tom starting having an affair with her. You know where this is going. Ex sister-in-law found out, Tom left in the middle of the night as my 11 year old nephew was hiding behind the door and heard it all. (There was a big fight between him and ex sil)
Tom starting living with my mom, and assured my mom, that there was no one else, when the whole time big fat whale was lurking in the background. I have to also tell you that my mom (God rest her soul) couldn't see any wrong in Tom, because she did not know the real Tom, she only knew the Tom he wanted her to see.
The first time I saw Tori, I had just given birth to my second son. It was Good Friday, we stopped at the house so mom, could see her new grandchild. I couldn't believe my eyes! Tori was a big fat, acne scarred, big cow eyed hoss. I neglected to tell you , my ex sil got up to 135 pds one time and Tom rode her almost into an eating disorder. So to see him with this hippo was a shock. I knew from the start she was a control freak. Very bossy . I tried to tell mom but she was so snowed by her. So on drudging through the years the kids started to grow up. My nephew particularly hates Tori, my niece, tolerates her because of the things she buys her and takes her on all expense paid vacations.
Tom never took my ex sil anywhere but maybe fla. Tori has been to Jamaica, The Bahamas, Hawaii, Smokey Mtns. (almost every year) So anyway, the kids grew up. My niece gave birth to a son. My nephew attended college. He had to go through the ROTC because Tom would not pay for his college. He was too busy taking swamp moose on luxurious vacations, paying for both of them to have eye laser surgery, getting brand new cars and a new house. But he didn't have the money to pay for my nephew's college. I think all those things add up to a college tuition. And needless to say my nephew is now in IRAQ, unable to be with his wife and new daughter.
Back to my mom, she developed lymphoma and us kids, there are 4 of us and my dad took turns caring for her. She was in and out of nursing homes. Tori, would be really mean to mom's nurses bossing them around and then in turn they would mistreat mom. And who the hell did she think she was. She was of NO relation to mom. Mom thank God, started seeing the real Tori the sicker she got. I tried to befriend Tori for the sake of the family. When it was Tom's turn to stay with mom, Tori would go into a locked room and call me and tell me how inconvenienced she was being by mom, and that mom had to suck it up and go stay with them. I told this to mom and she begged for me not make waves. So I kept my mouth shut. Mom told me she would never leave her home to go live under Tori's thumb. Mom passed away about 2 yrs after this. She died in 2003. There has been so many other things Tori has done. I figure a blog is cheaper than therapy sessions. I am no longer speaking to my brother or her. He has totally been rewired to her liking. She started by taking a man from his wife and children, and has continued to take his family members out of his life one by one. The only one that still has anything to do with him is dad, because like mom he can see no wrong in TOM . My niece and nephew tolerate her to have a relationship with their dad. I will blog more . More things shes done. Am I the only one with a hateful home wrecking fat hoe bag in their life, i would love to hear from you if you have one.